Starband System

Starband System - SHCC

STARscanner Laser Data Acquisition System

Short Hills Cranial Center utilizes STARband™ cranial remolding orthoses to treat deformational Plagiocephaly and post-operative cranial remolding orthoses for craniosynostosis.

The STARscanner® was the first laser photographic scanning system to receive clearance from the FDA, and remains the most widely used scanning system in the marketplace utilizing Class 1, eye safe lasers for the purpose of capturing 3D images of an infant’s head.

The Starband System Advantage

  1. Scans are safe from all potential hazards and take less than a few seconds to complete with simple photographic 3D imaging. Our non-invasive scans alleviate the messy and involved plaster casting procedures previously an industry standard.
  1. Scan reports can be generated to measure the effectiveness of conservative physical therapy treatments and repositioning techniques prior to initiating helmet therapy.
  1. The STARscanner® is the most comprehensive data acquisition system with software specifically designed to safely document head shape measurement and symmetry changes from the beginning to the end of treatment.
  1. Measures effectiveness of cranial remolding orthosis treatment by documenting outcomes for both the physicians and parents/caretakers.
  1. Provides insurance companies with specific measurements, information, and quantitative outcome analysis.